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Want to hire Social Media to promote your brand?

Hire your favorite social media channel where your ideal customers live to promote your product/services. We have the technical know-how to run ads in the most optimized manner so that you get the most reach to your ideal customers for the least amount possible.
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What is Social Media Marketing?

Ever wondered about the posts that say promoted or sponsored? Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., allow companies or advertisers to run ads in front of their audience. Those ads are shown as sponsored or promoted posts. But running these ads requires deep market analysis and research so that the ads you run should appear to the right audience who might be interested in buying your product or service. After analysis, you have to set up campaigns according to your narrowed target audience and run AB tests to optimize it for the best result. This entire process is call Social media marketing (SMM).
Search engine marketing campaign and research

Why Should YOU Invest In SMM?

Having a paid campaign on social media means that you get instant reach to your ideal customers on their preferred social network where they go with the mindset of engaging and watching updates. This means that they are more likely to engage with your brand if it comes up in their feed. Our team is skilled at narrowing down your ideal customer on their preferred social media so that you get the right eyeballs and brand engagement so that it eventually leads to higher conversion and sales.

Benefits of SMM

SMM gets you instant reach and traffic boost from your targeted market. Our team is capable of initiating your first campaign within one week of setup meaning that your targeted traffic can start flowing to your website almost instantly.
SMM is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. On top of an immediate traffic boost to your social media pages and profiles, you get traffic from people who are more likely to engage and follow your brand. This means that your organic social media brand awareness campaign gets a booster shot.
Social media marketing usually gets a higher conversion rate that other traction channels, especially if you own an impulse buy product(steal deal feeling). This is because when people go on social media, they expect a friendly helping tone and recommendations from friends which will get us more value for a lesser price. Brands that follow this, grow very fast with SMM.
If you wish to be a thought leader, social media marketing is the best way to take you to that pedestal. In a friendly environment if you push educational content that helps your user improve their life, their skills, or their way of living, then the users will start following you as a "Guru". Example- Gary vee, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Dan Lok
Benefits of SEO

Our Pricing

SMM Package
Package Includes:
Ads copy using AI tools like Jarvis
Daily monitoring, maintenance and ad optimization
Ads Graphic for display and gmail campaigns
Funnel setup and goal setting in analytics
CRM for generated leads
AB testing of ads
Additional 20% OFF For Female Entrepreneurs
Below £5000 = 20%
Below £15000 = 15%
Above £15000= 10%
(Cost in percentage of Monthly ad budget)
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(Search Engine Marketing)
Want to add another paid marketing channel to cover your potential customer wherever they go? Add search engines to your list of traction channels too and catch your customer in google network apps too. SEM and SMM are recommended together.
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Email Marketing

(Convert From Your Collected Data)
If you have done all of the marketing activities till now, then you must have tons of email data collected. Use that to convert your brand subscribers into paying customers or engage your customers so that they never leave or forget you.
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Casestudy Title

Casestudy Title

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Traction Tales is a Digital Marketing agency whose parent brand, Rudram Market Development, has 20 yrs experience in experiential marketing, exhibits, and events. Traction tales started with the aim to replicate the success Rudram got into the digital realm.


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