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Want to hire google to promote your brand?

Sometimes, giving your business a small boost to reach the audience faster can help you build your brand faster. Our team helps you run ads and get traffic from keywords with a buying intent so that they convert on your platform.
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Google is NOT free! SEM Debunked...

Ever thought why google allows you to use its billions of dollars worth of search engine for free?
Google collects your personal data, interest, search data, and many other things and sells it to advertisers willing to buy it. SEM (search engine marketing) or google ads or bings ads is a way to use the data google collects and show your brand to the people who will be interested in buying your product/service. For this, google charges on per click or per 1000 impression basis. 
Our team helps you target your ideal customer by doing keyword research, setting up narrowly targeted campaigns, and running A/B testing campaigns so that you get the most results possible for your buck.
Search engine marketing campaign and research

Why Should YOU Invest In SEM?

Sometimes waiting for search engines to rank you organically is not fast enough for businesses. If getting traffic, reach, and generating brand, at a faster rate is your goal even at an additional cost of paying the search engine, then SEM is perfect for you. Our team masters' in running search ads, display ads, Gmail ads, youtube ads, shopping ads, and play store ads so that no matter what your product is, we can get you to the right channel in front your ideal customers.

Benefits of SEM

SEM gets you instant reach to your targeted market. Our team is capable of initiating your first campaign within one month of setup meaning that your targeted traffic can start flowing to your website almost instantly.
SEM is one the best ways to generate brand awareness as you can get the eyeballs of the market that matters to you making you a brand in your target market, very fast. Display and video campaigns are best for brand awareness campaigns as they have proven results of reaching a very high volume of traffic for very little cost.
With SEM, you get the option to make your ads very strongly geo-targeted. If you just want to run your ads in a 2miles radius of Garford St. London, we can narrow your ad down to that level.
With SEM, you get the option to pay per click. This means that your ad budget only gets a deduction whenever someone clicks on your ad to learn more about your offer or your company. The amount you have to pay per click is what you decide you are willing to pay. Then an auction happens with your competitors and whoever is willing to pay the most for the position, wins the auction.
In google ads, you get the option to run Gmail ads which means your ads will reach your target customer's inbox without you possessing his/her email address, in a completely legal way.
Benefits of SEO

Our Pricing

SEM Package
Package Includes:
Ads copy using AI tools like Jarvis
Google analytics reporting
Daily monitoring, maintenance and ad optimization
Ads Graphic for display and gmail campaigns
Funnel setup and goal setting in analytics
CRM for generated leads
AB testing of ads
Additional 20% OFF For Female Entrepreneurs
Below £5000 = 20%
Below £15000 = 15%
Above £15000= 10%
(Cost in percentage of Monthly ad budget)
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Web Development

(Develop An Asset)
Not Sure If it's the right time to do SEM or marketing as you need a product first? Check out our website development packages for WordPress base, Magento base, or custom-built websites.
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(Social Media Marketing)
Want to see how you can increase your reach even further than whatever comes under google's curtain? Run your ads on the social media channels of your choice and where your target market resides.
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Casestudy Title

Casestudy Title

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Traction Tales is a Digital Marketing agency whose parent brand, Rudram Market Development, has 20 yrs experience in experiential marketing, exhibits, and events. Traction tales started with the aim to replicate the success Rudram got into the digital realm.


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