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20 Yrs

Rudram Market Development Services started in 2001 and got itself registered in 2004 with the founders, Vipul Bhutani and Ankush Gupta. In the last 20 years of delivering experiential marketing, events and exhibit services and helping businesses build brand value.
Traction Tales is our child brand aimed to replicate the success we delivered and achieved for our client but this time via digital mediums.
We build more than just experiences. We build growth stories that you need by providing digital marketing, UI UX design and Web Development services.
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About Us

Building Growth Stories, this sentence came to us before we even got to the name of this website. Our goal with this new digital venture was to deliver growth to companies and helping them build a long-lasting sustainable brand on a budget that won't put them out of the business.
The biggest problem we noticed in the UK market was that the agencies working here are were charging good money and some are delivering good services too but because the service cost is high, the sustenance for the entrepreneur becomes hard.
We wanted to deliver best-in-class services with all the things needed to grow in a certain traction channel, at a price that won't put a hole in their pocket.
We ensured that if you are buying even the biggest package we offer in which 3 or 4 of our employees are working for your business, you still will be paying less than 1 employee salary (average) in the market.
Saving more funds in your business would mean that you will be able to stay long enough to start making profits out of your venture. The longer your business last, the higher its probability will be for the market to realize your business as a reliable brand leading you to success and us to another one of our growth stories to tell.
Years Experience
Team Members

How Our Marketing Experience Helps

For the past 20 years,  our experience in marketing has taught us that the methods and mediums of marketing can change but the principles of marketing and how the market psychology always stays the same.
We have experience handling projects worth $10,000 to $100 million and we have delivered all of them with equal passion and dedication. 
This means our experience has not just been of marketing, it has been of strong professionalism and client satisfaction by delivering what we promise.
The same team ethics are being transmuted to our digital team of traction tales ensuring that any business that joins hands with us, will get the same results and experience that our Rudram clients felt.

Meet Our Team

Vipul Bhutani
CEO & Founder
Ankush Gupta
CEO & Founder
Vipul Bhutani
CEO & Founder
Ankush Gupta
CEO & Founder
Traction Tales is a Digital Marketing agency whose parent brand, Rudram Market Development, has 20 yrs experience in experiential marketing, exhibits, and events. Traction tales started with the aim to replicate the success Rudram got into the digital realm.


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