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Have an IDEA and want to know how it will look?

Our team of UI and UX designers is skilled at keeping up with your imagination so that your thoughts are manifested into a reality. People buy packaging and we ensure that not only the packaging of your product or service is good, but it is also highly user-friendly so that your customers just fall in love with your website or app and feel comfortable making a purchase decision with you. We are skilled to design your dream project.
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Design is ready but needs a marketable product DEVELOPED?

Just like an idea is nothing if it is not designed properly, design is nothing if it is not developed properly. Our developers leading your project have a minimum of 5 years of experience ensuring that whatever we code and develop is up to industry standards and loads within seconds so that the real-life experience of your digital shop (website or app) is an absolute delight for your customers.
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Product is ready but don’t know how to reach the right audience?

Using different traction channels we ensure that you reach the right audience interested in your product or service. Our marketers stay up to date with new industry updates and growth hacks so that your business always stays on top of every threat that may pull you down or every growth opportunity to help you reach the next traction point in the quickest way possible.
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Want to know all the services we can help you with?

Email Marketing
UI and UX Design
Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Traction starts organic and with that, SEO is the first step any entrepreneur should get done once your website is developed.
Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy just like investing in mutual funds. It is one of the ways via which your business reaches self-sustenance as you keep getting traffic from google and other search engines because people keep on finding your business on relevant keywords. 
Running ads is a short-term strategy to achieve your traffic goals but if you don't ensure that your traffic comes automatically to your website without investing in ads, you will eventually run out of money.

OUR SEO Packages Starts At:
£ 499/month

Social Media Organic

SMO is another long-term investment strategy in which we ensure that over the period of time, your audience and traffic keeps growing so that one day your business keeps coming without investing in ads.
Today almost everyone is on social media and hence your presence on social media makes your potential customers feel that you are here to stay. Over the period of time, this trust starts generating sales when hit by other direct sales channels.
Our team stays on top of any and every social media algorithm updates, trends and leverages the latest features to find organic growth hacks relevant to your brand. This results in organic traffic coming to your page and visibility necessary for any sales to happen at a later stage.
We organize events, organic campaigns and manage your page too to ensure consistent engagement with your audience.

Our SMO Packages Starts At:
£ 499/month

Search Engine Marketing

Organic might not always be the way to go for some businesses. It takes time and not everyone is interested in mutual funds.
For them, our SEM services come to the rescue as they can immediately start getting traffic within 1 week of project initiation. The amount of traffic your website receives solely depends on the amount of ad spend you have.
For this service, you have to pay Google, Facebook, or other platforms where you wish to run ads. Our team create graphics, runs campaigns and red
Although this cannot be a long-term strategy you can do this till your organic rankings start going up and then you can adjust your marketing budget accordingly.
In traction tales, we strongly recommend doing SEO for at least 2-3 months if you are a startup and then getting into paid ads as it takes time for your website to rank on its name .

Our SEM Packages Starts At:
£ 499/month

Email Marketing

Ever received an email from a website, product, or app you registered for via signup? Or maybe you subscribed to a newsletter once and they are still keeping up with you after all these years!
If yes then you are already familiar with email marketing.
After personal networking, email marketing is the best way to generate quality conversions with minimal expense. It uses the data you already have from the people who want to hear from you and have subscribed for your services.
Our team sets up thank-you mails, reminders, polls generate campaigns, does AB testing, analyzes the list email open rates, sets up automated conditional emails on open rate, polls, Rsvp, coupons, and emails for online donation (if you are an NGO).
We use and suggest Constant Contact and MailChimp but our team is trained enough to use any email marketing tool you were using earlier so start without worry and begin your email marketing tale.

Our Email Marketing Packages Start At:

UI and UX Design

Our team of creative, hardworking, and experienced designers brings your website or app idea into reality in the most artistic and user-friendly way possible.
UX design is the human-first way of thinking about a website or an app or even a physical product. We are trained with the heuristic evaluation methods and 10 Nielsen Heuristics which ensures 80% of the UX flaws are resolved before the design even hits the development phase.
UI design on the other hand is the complimentary cherry on the UX design. It is the look and feels, the interaction and presentation, the aesthetic part of the design which everyone looks at and appreciates. It takes time to appreciate good UX but the UI is instantly appreciated.
In combination, both of them help increases your onsite conversion when the traffic is kept at a constant.
Our designers follow the most detailed process which keeps you in the loop at all times ensuring that the design delivered to you is according to your liking. 

Our UI and UX Design Packages Start At:
£ 499/month

Website Development

For everything mentioned above, you need a digital shop to sell. Whether it is for marketing, or even making it look pretty with design, the goal is always reliant on a good, sturdy built, fast loading, scalable website solution custom with features required for your business.
Our team of developers is well trained to build a website with the least amount of bloat be it on WordPress Magento or custom PHP so that your website loads within seconds and even if somewhere down the line you decide to give your website maintenance to your in-house developers or some other agency, managing it and understanding the code flow for them will be breezy.

Our SMM Packages Start At:

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  • Ankush is one of those reliable guys that you are sure to assign a task for 2:00 PM and he'll have it ready by 12:00. Aside from his impeccable diligence in work, he's also very knowledgeable and will try to assist you in every single possible way, his skills are many and he's constantly trying to learn new things, he definitely doesn't stay behind.
    Carlos Figueroa
    WSI, Marketing Manager
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Or maybe some more information & knowledge?

Are you just starting up and need to get yourself educated first with all the terminologies and jargon of the digital realm so that you can make an informed decision on which service you should start with? We are always happy to talk and help you get familiar with everything but if you prefer to read, our blogs will be a good place to start. We write blogs in a story format so that you can relate with what you already know and because it is a tale, it will be hard to forget the lessons you learn.
Traction Tales is a Digital Marketing agency whose parent brand, Rudram Market Development, has 20 yrs experience in experiential marketing, exhibits, and events. Traction tales started with the aim to replicate the success Rudram got into the digital realm.


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