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Below are all the services we can help you with to take your business to the next traction point. Start from the top service if you are a startup but if you know what you want, below is our traction channel menu for you...
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UI and UX Design Tale

UI and UX Design

If you have an idea and want to start building on it, get your idea designed into reality by our experienced designers. We ensure that your dream project has the right aesthetics and usability ease to it so that it is further loved by your potential customers and your website/app visitors.
UI and UX Tale

Web Development

If your idea, the blueprint, and its framework is ready, you need a developer to code it for you. Now, whether your idea can be executed on a CMS or needs custom development, we got you covered. Our developers master in CMS, custom CMS, and custom product development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, My SQL and React, development languages. 
Start Web Development Tale
Website development tale
SEO Tale


Once your product is developed, you need to make sure that it is visible to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and it is easily crawled by their robots to understand what we do. We target keywords and make sure that you get traffic from your relevant audience only.
Start SEO Tale


To aid SEO and to help you build a brand where your target audience interacts the most we also provide Social media optimization service. Your presence where your audience interacts, generates trust, increases overall conversion rate, and builds brand. Also, if your product or service or the content you are pushing is unique enough, social media helps you get the virality every brand needs.
Start SMO Tale
Social Media optimization tale
Graphic Design tale

Graphic Design

Need Graphics for your organic (free) and inorganic (paid) campaigns? Our team of graphic designers generates creative graphics bound to get engagement from your target audience. Not only that, our graphic design packages start at £10 making your growth very pocket-friendly.
Start Graphic Design Tale


SEO takes time but not every business can afford to wait, right? Our marketers know how to run search ads too so that you can instantly start ranking 1st on the keywords you want to. On top of it, running display, youtube, and Gmail ads can benefit you by doing enough brand building so that when your potential customer comes on your website, he is already familiar with the brand increasing the potential of conversion 3 fold.
Start SEM Tale
Search engine marketing tale
Social Media marketing tale


Just like SEM, SMM is an option to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., and increase your reach to your targeted audience. In both SEM and SMM you get many options to narrow down the people watching your ads meaning those people who click on the ads are relevant enough to convert. But traction tales recommend running SMM ads for the sole purpose of brand reach. Conversion is a by-product when enough people know your brand.
Start SMM Tale

Email Marketing

Do you have a database of your potential customers who signed up or subscribed to your website? If yes, then investing in email marketing would be the perfect traction channel to engage already acquired potential customers and finally lead them to buy your product or service. Email marketing is the most ROI-giving traction channel of all.
Start Email Marketing Tale
Email marketing tale

Not sure if you should go with us?

Our parent brand Rudram has been in the physical marketing industry for the last 20+ years working with top-class brands and helping them grow exponentially. Traction tales is the child company of Rudram on the mission to replicate the same results we delivered to our customers in offline marketing but this time via digital marketing. Checkout our testimonials below and the brands we have worked with.

Our Team Testimonials

  • Ankush is one of those reliable guys that you are sure to assign a task for 2:00 PM and he'll have it ready by 12:00. Aside from his impeccable diligence in work, he's also very knowledgeable and will try to assist you in every single possible way, his skills are many and he's constantly trying to learn new things, he definitely doesn't stay behind.
    Carlos Figueroa
    WSI, Marketing Manager
Start Traction Tale

Or maybe some more information & knowledge?

Are you just starting up and need to get yourself educated first with all the terminologies and jargon of the digital realm so that you can make an informed decision on which service you should start with? We are always happy to talk and help you get familiar with everything but if you prefer to read, our blogs will be a good place to start. We write blogs in a story format so that you can relate with what you already know and because it is a tale, it will be hard to forget the lessons you learn.
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Traction Tales is a Digital Marketing agency whose parent brand, Rudram Market Development, has 20 yrs experience in experiential marketing, exhibits, and events. Traction tales started with the aim to replicate the success Rudram got into the digital realm.


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