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Google SEO Rankings with Guaranteed Results!

Ranking on google was never this promising. Our knowledge of SEO allows us to give guaranteed rankings and results in our 6 months and 1 year SEO packages.
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Rank on google guarantee

Start From Scratch! What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is a technique via which you can optimize your website for visitors on the internet.  Think of the entire internet as one big computer and search engines as the search bar to find the right file. Now every website has a different name so you can always directly put the domain name completely and your website would come. But people who don't know about your complete website name or who are searching for some information can just type their query, and the search engine fetches the relevant files accordingly. Now to help a search engine find our files, we optimize our files so that when looked for, they should come in search results. This practice is called SEO. Read the entire SEO tale.
Search engine marketing campaign and research

Why Should YOU Invest In SEO?

Your website is your digital shop and traffic is the footfall you get. SEO is the long-term strategy in which you ensure that your shop keeps getting traffic without paying for promotion on billboards (or google in digital space). 
We prefer going to a shop whose owner speaks nicely and in a friendly manner. Similarly, SEO-friendly websites speak nicely to search engines (google) and website visitors which results in increased traffic and sales.

Benefits of SEO

SEO is the best way to gather analytics about your audience as it is all organic and from the people searching for your services. Hence, it can be further used for multiple traction channels and help you figure out your ideal customer profile so that you can hit the target market with accuracy.
Lead generation from SEO is totally inbound and with full consent and trust on the website which means the lead quality stays high. With the help of lead magnet strategy, getting leads from SEO becomes 3x easier while maintaining the quality of leads.
SEO is the best way to build trust in your market and in front of the people searching for your service. Educate your audience by ranking on the keywords they are searching and ensure that when they wish to make a purchase, they do it on your platform.
SEO is one of the best ways to improve the user experience on the website.  Providing relevant information, easy navigation, using photos and videos to support content, quick load time, and a mobile-friendly website are all important for SEO as well as UX. By improving SEO and UX you ensure that your customer remembers your brand, trusts your site, and eventually makes a purchase.
Even if you own a physical store, google statistics show that 76% of people who perform a "near me" search, visit the store within 24 hours, and out of that 28% make a purchase.
Benefits of SEO

Our Pricing

One Time SEO
Basic Startup SEO
Business Growth SEO
Package Includes:
Onboarding knowledge transfer and documentation
Email and Drive Project Management
Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research
Current Website Status
Google My Business and Bing Setup
Google Analytics setup, goals setup and google webmaster setup
20 On-page optimization of the website with NAP audit (one time)
Additional 20% OFF For Female Entrepreneurs
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1 Employee worth of work for half the price-
Everything in one time SEO One Time SEO;
Google Webstories Setup
Regular onpage optimization
Google my business posting (upto 8/month)
Up to 10 Blog Optimizations per month
Monthly SEO Strategy and implementation
Upto 5 google webstories
Content Uploading on via CMS or Admin
Necessary Citation Submission according to NAP audit
Executive Summary
Monthly Progress Report
Additional 20% OFF On Yearly Packages
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Pay Less Than 1 Employee Salary, Get More Than 3 Employees Worth Of Work
Everything in One Time SEO and Basic Startup SEO package;
*Funnel Creation and Management*
Upto 30 Google My Business Posts per month
Up to 30 Google Stories Per Month
15 Video SEO Optimizations (Complimentary)
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Additional 20% OFF On Yearly Packages
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Our 28 Deliverables in SEO

Onboarding Knowledge Transfer
While onboarding a project, we have a knowledge transfer call including the senior management and the Account manager assigned for your project.
In this, we learn about your industry, your business and set the expectations for the entire project.
Onboarding Documentation
A sheet is created and our discussion is documented to contain all the knowledge you share about your business and your industry. 
After this, we share an onboarding document with you which is further used for project execution. This is a one-time execution item but our process includes weekly calls to ensure that the Account manager stays updated with your business so that we can pivot strategies immediately if need be.
Clickup for Project Management
We use ClickUp for project management and documentation. All your data stays on ClickUp which makes it easy for you and us to access it whenever it is required. SEO is a long-term traction channel and hence it requires proper and safe documentation so that whenever some data is required, it can be fetched immediately without any hassle.
Competitive analysis document
This document is created based on 5 top competitors you will share in the onboarding documentation. These 5 competitors will be analyzed and their top-ranking keywords are fetched up to 100. These keywords also tell your the open spaces and the ideal keywords you like where you would like to beat your competition. This report also tells how popular your competitor is and how hard it will be to beat that competitor.
Keyword research document
In this report, we do keyword research for your brand and find out, long-form keywords, geo-targeted keywords, and buyer intent keywords. These keywords are mostly fetched from the latent semantic index. We use tools like Ubersuggest and LSI graph for this process as the keyword quality remains high from these tools.
Current website status
In this step we fetch all your current website status for future analysis, comparison to figure out website growth, and to figure out cracks where we can grow. We analyze your website on 18 parameters namely;
1. Alexa Rank
2. Google Index
3. Bing Index
4. SEM Rush Rank
5. Meta Title
6. Meta Description
7. Domain Authority
8. Page Authority
9. Google Analytics
10. NAP Audit
11. GMB
12. Bing Location
13. Webmaster Setup
14. Facebook
15. Linkedin
16. Twitter
17. Instagram
18. Youtube
Google my business setup
Google my business setup is a very important part of SEO as it helps get more search real estate. Whenever someone searches for your brand by the name, your google my business comes on the right side giving people more information about your brand on the search itself. This also generates trust as google does verification by sending a postcard to the location.
Not only this, your google my business setup and optimization allows you to rank for your targeted "near me" keywords.
Google Analytics setup
This is a one-time setup but it is used for a daily analysis hence it is highly important. Google Analytics is an analytics tool that gives major categorized data of the visitors coming to your website. These include but are not limited to, demography, the device used, sessions acquired, traffic acquisition channel, and goal setting.
Goal setting in analytics
Every business has a goal and just like that, every website has a goal too like signup, contact us form visits, thank you page visits, and add to cart button clicks, etc. Goal setting in analytics allows us to record button clicks, page visits, session duration achieved, etc.
Google Webmaster setup
This Google tool allows you to gather all the crawling data that google gathers about your website. Also, if some algorithm update has hit your website negatively, you can see that via this tool. On top of it, this tool allows you to gather organic keyword data that your website is ranking for.
Our team sets this up and keeps it in constant check to ensure that the website is not running into any problems that might cause a search rankings to decrease.
Google web Stories
If your website is built on WordPress, this is an additional service we provide within the above packages. Even if it is not built on WordPress, with an addon of website maintenance this service can be provided. In this, we set up your website to push google web stories so that you can leverage a fast-growing traction channel that google released.
The traffic that comes from google web stories is highly targeted and gets more reach which means you get more traffic to your website.
Meta Tags Optimization
This is an ongoing activity we do in which we keep adding the Meta tags of the new pages and keep optimizing the current pages of your website to see which one generates the most click-through rate.
The keyword research 
HTML Hierarchy setup
HTML hierarchy is an important SEO factor that tells crawl bot what this page is about. This is one of the most important SEO optimization factors that most developers overlook while developing a website.
H1 to H6 is often used to adjust height instead of using CSS to change font height which is a bad practice. It confuses the crawl bot in understanding what is the main heading and what is the subheading. As a rule of thumb, we suggest going max to H3 tag and while optimizing your website for SEO we ensure that this is done according to the best practices.
Image Optimization
Image optimization is a very important part of SEO as it includes google image search traffic and is used by text to speech software used by blind audiences.
Our team ensures that the images on your website have a file name, image URL, alt text, include a caption if needed, and have image structured data.
Sitemap creation
A sitemap of your website is created to help crawl bot roam around your website with ease. If you have WordPress then rank math is used to do it but if you have a custom-coded website then a custom sitemap is generated and we keep updating it so that the SEO is never hindered.
Robot.txt setup
A Robot.txt file should be created for every website to tell the crawl bot what to crawl and what not to crawl on the website.
Schema markup
Google allows us to add schema on our website as a part of on-page optimization. Via this, the google crawl bot learns more information about the page and your website. Our team finds and uses the right schema for every section of your website so that your business is understood well by google and you can start ranking on buying intent keywords.
Other On-page SEO improvements 
SEO is not just limited to pointers said above. For the sake of limiting the number of deliverable points, minor SEO factors are included in this deliverable. These include but are not limited to, structured data, navigation setting, keyword density, URL restructuring, strong and em tags, readability score improvement, etc.
Google my business posting
This traction channel is often used for businesses that rely on generating business from local areas. This is mostly those businesses who require client visits in the office.
But, all businesses should do this as it increases your visibility in another traction channel. A lot of service-based agencies providing services worldwide (including us) do this on a regular basis to keep their presence in the eyes of the local customers.
Blog optimization
Blog optimization is an ongoing activity depending on the number of blogs you publish every month. We create strategies according to the number of articles we have at our disposal. For this, we first create content calendars which is a deliverable in itself.
Then, the content writer starts writing content according to the target keyword strategy of that month and references articles provided in the calendar.
Then after that, these blogs are set up according to the strategy being followed that month like content pillaring.
Internal links are created to redirect traffic to the subsequent pillar pages.
This whole process includes doing all the above-mentioned relevant deliverables like meta tags, image optimization, circulating it on google my business, and other on-page improvements (as mentioned above).
SEO strategy implementation
As mentioned above, every month depending on the monthly performance a strategy is created of pushing content, creating links, pushing web stories, and posting on google my business.
According to the analytics data collected this strategy is created by the account manager or someone in the senior management.
Google Web stories
Google webstories is the best way today to generate relevant interest based traffic instantly. Google stories currently have a very high reach and get a lot of click through rate to the website.
Currently and atleast for the next one year there is not a lot of competition on it as not a lot of companies and seo agencies knows about this update from google.
This means that those who utilize this traction channel are the initial investors which makes this deliverable extremely profitable.
Our team creates the story graphics and then push it via your wordpress website. If your website is custom built then there is a longer route of doing it but with a simple website maintenance add on, it can be added in your package. Just mention this in the first meeting and all your worries will be take care by our team.
Monthly Progress Report
The monthly progress report is our process of telling what we did and accomplished every month in SEO.
This includes your keyword ranking report, SEO popularity report, non-targeted keyword rankings,  citation submission report if done, NAP audit, webmaster report, and google analytics report.
Execution Summary
With all the data collected in the monthly progress report, an executive summary is created which includes all the work we did this month and the results we received because of it.
With this, an Account manager strategy report goes which tells our plans for next month.
Content uploading and website management for SEO
We upload content to your website too once it is ready. This means that you don't need an outside developer to manage your website. SEO part of development is taken care of by our team be it via CMS or custom-created websites.
Bing's location setup
Just like google my business, Bing is another search engine which has its own citation site called bing location. We set it up and optimize it to ensure that the traffic search for the location on bing is also not lost.
Bing is pretty popular in USA and UK which means that ignoring it in these countries is not suggested.
Also, since the latest edge update, a lot of people have shifted to bing from google chrome as all the chrome plugins now work for bing too with the added benefit of a lag-free interface and many inbuilt useful features.
NAP Audit
We conduct monthly NAP audit to find out the right citation sites for your business. A lot of people still use free yellow pages sites and with this report, you learn if your business is listed their or not.
Necessary Citation submission
If your business is not listed on necessary citation sites according to the NAP audit we conduct, our team goes to those websites and does linkbuilding for you which inturn increases your brand trustable factor for google.
Linkbuilding still has a good amount of impact in domain authority and page authority which makes it pretty useful.
According to the latest algorithm updates from google, linkbuilding other than citation submission seems to have a low or negative impact on the website credibility as search engines like google have started counting most of the backlink strategies as spam.
We only use authentic sites to generate backlinks to you so that your SEO performance is not hurt.

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